Certain Dri Review – Tested in the Bahamas.

Certain Dri Antiperspirant Review

It is great to travel and discover new places. Walking around the city, go to the beach and enjoy famous buildings and sightseeing. But if you sweat like me, you know that excessive perspiration can destroy your enthusiasm and change nice walking on a sunny day to an unpleasant experience.


Since I discover some over-the-counter antiperspirants, everything gets better. I travel a lot so I already can’t imagine to go out without an antiperspirant. I decide to make a Certain Dri Review and test it in a hot place. This article will be about how it worked.


Reviewed product Certain Dri Prescription Strength Clinical
Form Roll-on
Package 35,5 ML (1.2 Fl Oz)
Aluminum Chloride 12%
Aluminum Zirconium Complex 20%
Tested time 6 hours
Outdoor temperature 32°C

My Day With Certain Dri


I don’t use antiperspirants every day, but only when I know that I will spend several hours walking in the hot weather. Thanks to my work I visit Nassau, Bahamas. It is a very nice place with small shops, sandy beaches, and good services.

Before I leave the hotel, I rolled Certain Dri under my shave pits. This antiperspirant contains 12% of aluminum chloride which is the most common and most effective ingredient in this type of product. Due to the strong concentration of this substance, only a few moves of the antiperspirant are needed. Certain Dri Prescription Strength Clinical comes in the form of a practical roll-on and the substance absorbs very quickly. 

Beach in Nassau, Bahamas
Beach in Nassau, Bahamas

According to the outside thermometer, the temperature was around 89,6°F (32°C). So I wore only shorts, T-shirts and a cap. Thousands of people outside signalizes that Nassau is a favorite destination for many tourists. The first two hours I was walked down the main streets and visit some shops with souvenirs and clothes. I looked into the nice cathedral, then around the pirate museum and enjoy colorful paintings on some buildings. When I check my underarms, they remain wet.


After a short break in Mc Donalds, I headed to the nearby beach. It was the beach close to the cruise ship port, so the view wasn’t the best, but everything else was fine. The nice sandy beach has also some places with a shadow, so you could choose if you want to sunbathe or just chill under the tree. When I checked my T-shirt, the underarm parts were dry. I also could felt like there is no moisture under my pits.


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Side effects


When I went to the water, after a few minutes I start to feel little itching in underarms. The salty seawater reacted with my skin coated with a layer of antiperspirant. But the itching was bearable and I didn’t pay too much attention to it. When I came out of the water, I spent about one hour with sunbathing and talking to my friend sitting next to me. After we finished a bottle of Kalik, which isa tasty local beer, we leave a beach and did some small shopping. 


when I got back to the hotel in the evening, I checked the T-shirt again. No wet marks! I didn’t feel any sweat under my pits during the whole day walking on the sun in 32C. I felt much better and confident. The other positive was that I didn’t sweat two following days more! 



Certain Dri tested in Bahamas
No sweat stains after 6 hours outside

I was very satisfied with Certain Dri Prescription Strength Clinical. It kept my underarms dry even after several hours in the hot weather. The anti-sweat effect lasted about 3 days even I took a shower every day. The producer claims (on the cover of the antiperspirant) that Certain Dri helps stop excessive sweating for up to 72 hours. In my case, it worked. 


I will certainly continue to use this product. When I consider that I can get one pack of Certain Dri under $6 and I can use it around 2 months (not every day), it is a great deal. When I compare Certain Dri Prescription Strength Clinical with some other available antiperspirant-deodorant product, like Rexona maximum protection, for example, Certain Dri is X-times more effective in terms of sweating protection.


Longevity 9/10
Strength 8/10
Price 9/10
Side Effects 7/10
Overall 8/10

How Does Certain Dri Works?


Active substances in Certain Dri Perscription Strength Clinical are aluminium chloride (12%) and aluminum zirconium complex (20%). Both these chemicals work as an astringent that affect sweat glands. They are used in antiperspirants due to their ability to obstruct skin pores and prevent sweat to reach the upper part of the skin. These days, the FDA allows 20% concentration of aluminum zirconium in antiperspirants (which is the concentration in Certain Dri).

How to Apply Certain Dri Correctly?


Since I didn’t properly use Certain dry, you should know how to use it correctly. The manual inside the package says: 


  • Apply Certain Dri antiperspirant to underarms at bedtime. Active ingredients work better while you sleep. Showering and bathing have no impact on the efficiency of the antiperspirant.
  • Apply sparingly to dry armpits. Only a few strokes of Certain Dri under each arm are enough. Apply to completely dry armpits to avoid irritation. Don’t use Certain Dri if you have redness or other skin irritation under your arms.

What Are Alternatives?


I use now Certain Dri occasionally, but there are other over-the-counter antiperspirants that I would like to try. Mostly because in the colder weather I don’t sweat so much and I just want to avoid sweat stains. Since I also sweat excessively on the head, I use another antiperspirant designed for head and face sweating.


There are several over-the-counter antiperspirants similar to Certain Dri. If you are thinking about a strong antiperspirant, I recommend to consider:


1. Form of the antiperspirant


– Roll-on antiperspirants

– Solid antiperspirants

– Lotion antiperspirant

– Spray antiperspirant

The form of antiperspirant is important due to the comfort of the application. When you sweat abnormally on your chest, for example, you chose an antiperspirant in the form of a spray. Then you can apply it very comfortable. But when you sweat more on your head like me, you don’t use a spray because of eye protection. You prefer a lotion that absorbs very fast and you can control the application with your hands.


2. Affected part of the body 


– Antiperspirant for underarms

– Foot Antiperspirant

– Hand antiperspirant

– Head antiperspirant

Specific products for particular parts of the body are also helpful. The application is easy and limits skin and eye irritation. Besides mentioned antiperspirants, there are also products designed for sweaty chest and groin.


3. The concentration of active substances


Certain Dri Reviewed
Certain Dri contains a high concentration of active substances

Another element you should consider is how much do you sweat. You should choose an antiperspirant according to the severity of your sweating. Look at the concentration of aluminum chloride or aluminum zirconium in the description of a product. 


Certain Dri belongs to the strongest antiperspirant without a prescription you can find on the market. But if your sweating is mild or moderately serious, you can grab some other product with a lower percentage of active substances.


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18 Comments on “Certain Dri Review – Tested in the Bahamas.”

  1. Certain Dri sounds like a good product. Even though it’s more expensive than most antiperspirants, there’s the advantage that you don’t have to use it every day like most. Sometimes, it’s worth it to pay more for a better product, and Certain Dri seems to be one of those products. 

    1. Yes, cpascal, it depends on what you need.

      If you are looking for stronger sweat protection, Certain Dri is a reasonable option. Comparing to other similar strong antiperspirants, Certain Dri is probably the most affordable.

  2. I live in Africa and the weather hot 9 months. So, sweating is my daily bread. I can’t tell you how much I use in deodorant and perfumes. So, I am very glad to hear about an antiperspirant. I will definitely try certain dri to see how it works and if it is as good as it sounds, I will stock a lot, LOL. Is there any limitations on how many times I can use it? Or any side effects of I use it for very long period of time non-stop?


    1. Thank you, Adyns68, for your comment!

      I am glad that you like the Certain Dri review. There is no official information on how long you can use a strong antiperspirant continuously. The fact is that everybody reacts differently for every skin product. I believe, the best way how to find it out is just trying to use it.

      In the case of some skin irritations or some other possible side effects, you can stop. If you prefer the non-chemical treatment of excessive sweating, I recommend using an iontophoresis machine. In the article 10 Best Iontophoresis Machines in 2019: Complex Overview And Comparison , you will know everything about this treatment and available iontophoresis devices.

  3. This really does seem like a very good product, we all perspire, in fact, I think I do more than most, I do use antiperspirant, I find it much more effective than straight forward deodorant, I will be giving your certain dry recommendation here a try, I have never used antiperspirant on my feet before, I must admit that it is something I had never thought about before I read your post here, thank you for sharing.     

    1. Yes, Russ Green, Certain Dri is more effective in terms of sweat protection like commonly available deo-antiperspirants that you can find in every drug store. This product is ideal not only for people with axillary hyperhidrosis  (excessive underarm sweating) but for everybody who sweats more in certain situations.

      Let’s say you are going on a holiday to some hot place, or you are going to have a public talk in front of many people. Just a few strokes of Certain Dri can get rid of wet maps on your shirt. There are also other antiperspirants for heavy sweating. You can find them in the article The Best Antiperspirants For Hyperhidrosis in 2019 (According to Customers Reviews) . 

  4. Wow, I did not know that there was something out there that could help with sweating. This is an interesting article. I too suffer from severe sweating, and now that I know about this stuff I’ll have to give it a try.

    I also like that you included the side effects of which you encountered. This is a very useful article and I look forward to reading more from you. 

    One thing I would like to point out and maybe offer a suggestion on, is the 32C. Your article appears all over the world. For instance, I am in the US and actually had to search what 32 degrees Celsius was in Fahrenheit. For most of us here in the US, Fahrenheit is all we know. Just a suggestion to make it more understandable for others, also add Fahrenheit in there as well so we know exactly the temperature outside as well. Have a great day, and thanks. 


  5. Wow! A whole lot of info about anti perspirant. I never knew that there was one for different body parts. I’m definitely going to look into this for warm climates. Thank you so much for opening my eyes. I am so surprised that it last for 3 days! My concern would be when you go swimming in salt water, ouch!

    1. Thanks, Ellie! Well, the correct application of antiperspirant can reduce the risk of any negative skin reaction. That’s why Certain Dri and similar antiperspirant should be applied before sleep and only in small amount. And yes, the sweat protection really lasted almost 3 days. 

  6. I have never tried any of these sort of products. I got a little concern when I got to the part of it being an “over the counter” product. Why is that? Can it be dangerous or are you talking about it maybe having an allergic reaction? I’m guessing one should talk to a dermatologist before doing anything. 

    1. Well, there are also strongest topical agents that have to be prescribed by a doctor. Qbrexza, for example, contains a different active substance (anticholinergics) and that’s why it doesn’t belong to over-the-counter treatments. Aluminum chloride is the most common ingredient of all antiperspirant-deodorant products. Certain Dri just contains a higher concentration that ensures a better anti-sweat effect. 

      I think that allergic reactions to aluminum chloride are very rare, but visiting a dermatologist is always the safest option. 

  7. This is a very thorough post on Certain Dri and I appreciate the effort you put into testing the product and the information that is provided is really helpful. I also appreciate you providing the instructions as it seems it might be easy to apply this product incorrectly. Severity of sweat is definitely something to consider and I feel that your post will help a lot of people choose the right product. Certain Dri looks like it is ideal for those who are heavy sweaters. I do know some heavy sweaters and I will definitely pass your post along to them, well done!

    1. Thank you! We appreciate when somebody recommends our web or some our article to a friend or family member who suffers from excessive sweating. Many people underestimate hyperhidrosis and do nothing about it even they feel uncomfortable due to heavy sweating.

  8. Thank you for testing this product the right way. 6 hours in the Bahama sun would drench me. I have always used a spray deodorant and just this past year it did not seem to work like it did in the past. Thank you for providing me with some options. I never knew there were items for head sweat and I will have to look into that also. I just keep a cloth with me to dab it off, but why should I even have to do that if there are products to help.

    Thank you and I look forward to reading more tips and reviews. 


  9. Good evening,

    It is great to read about Certain Dri in your review. I have lived most of my life in warm climates and it seems to only get hotter.

    Here in the south of Spain, I worked for many years in the tourism business. During the high season, it could get very hectic and temperatures sometimes were up to 40C. During those times it would have been very convenient to have had this product but alas it did not exist in those times.

    Thank you for this interesting post, this is definitely a product which I should get.

    Regards, Taetske

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