Dermadry Review From A Real User – Tested in The Carribean.

Dermadry Total Review

Life with excessive sweating brings many unpleasant moments. As a musician playing on a cruise ship, I experienced many of these. Since I am on stage every day and even hundreds of people are looking at me, I try to look good and confident. But as soon as I start sweating on my head and I start to feel wet spots on my shirt or shirt, I feel terrible.

I have tried over-the-counter antiperspirants on sweaty armpits and I was happy. But I wanted to try some lasting solution without chemicals. That’s why I ordered Dermadry. In my Dermadry review, I will tell you about my experience with this iontophoresis machine. I used the device on our Caribbean cruise where we stay around 1 month and where temperatures did not go below 30°C (86°F). You will also find out all the necessary information about how Dermadry works and how it differs from other similar devices.

Tested device Dermadry Total
Affected area Armpits
Treatment 2 weeks
Location Carribean

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What Is Dermadry?

Dermadry total unboxed

Dermadry is a new generation iontophoresis device designed to treat excessive sweating of the hands, feet, and armpits. For the treatment, it uses a mild electric current which affects the activity of the sweat glands. Iontophoresis has long been used in medicine for the treatment of excessive sweating and has been approved by the FDA and other health organizations.

There are 3 models of the device:

Dermadry Hands and feet include a module with the display, 2 boxes for hand feet, towels, connection cables, and adapter.

Dermadry for Armpits contains electrodes and pads for armpits.

Dermadry total combines the previous two and is designed to treat excessive sweating of the hands, feet, and armpits. The machine is practically packed and portable. It has a modern design and is easy to use. Compared to other iontophoresis devices, it surprises with affordable price and many features. It uses pulsed current which is more sensitive to the skin.

The main goal of Dermadry Laboratories, which is a Canadian company, is to offer an affordable alternative to expensive iontophoresis machines. Despite the lower price, their products have the best functionality compared to other devices in this category.

Who Is Dermadry For?

Dermadry iontophoresis machine is designed for everybody who:

  • sweat profusely in hands, feet or armpits
  • already tried antiperspirants without the desired effect
  • wants to reduce sweating in hot weather
  • wants to treat excessive sweating without using chemicals
  • expects a long-lasting effect

How Does It Work?

Iontophoresis works on the principle of ions that prevent sweat from entering the skin’s pores. The mild electrical current produced by the device is distributed through tap water directly to the affected areas. The treatment is painless and achieves efficacy above 90%. Ionophoresis device usually contains 2 boxes for hands or feet. The boxes are connected by cables to a module that generates the required current.

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Why Did I Decide To Try Dermadry?

I have excessive armpit and head sweating. In high temperatures, however, I sweat more on my whole body. Due to my work on a cruise ship, I often travel to hot areas. So when playing, it often happens to me that I sweat very much which is very unpleasant and looks bad.

I remember when we play with our band in Singapore. Sun was shining like crazy and the thermometer shows 35°C. Even we played only one hour, after 5 minutes I was completely drenched. Sweat ran down my face, pinching my eyes, and I looked like I just jump off the pool. When I looked at my colleagues, they were almost completely dry. You can imagine that when hundreds of people are looking at you at that moment, you don’t feel right.

That’s why I decided to do something about it. I tried antiperspirants like Certain Dri to help reduce underarm sweating. But I wanted to try some more permanent solution. Iontophoresis for home use seems worth trying. I read a comparison of the best iontophoresis devices and I was intrigued by Dermadry because of the good price-performance ratio. I ordered Dermadry and the whole process of both discovery and delivery went smoothly.

The device came to me in a nice box, well packed and undamaged. The package also contains a practical manual in English and French. On the next ship, we were to sail in the Caribbean, which was the ideal opportunity to test the device in difficult conditions.

My Dermadry Treatment


Before I started treatment, I shaved my armpit hair and used a cream. It is not recommended to use iontophoresis for irritated skin. There are also fewer bacteria in the shaved armpit. These bacteria, when combined with sweat, create body odor.

First week

I decided to make 4 sessions for the first week. I treat every second day, so in the first week, I did 4 treatments. This was my schedule:

1 day – procedure
2 day – off
3 day – procedure
4 day – off
5 day – procedure
6 day – off
7 day – procedure

First treatment

Redness in armpits after iontophoresis
Redness in the armpit directly after the Dermadry procedure

According to the instructions, I connected the cables to the underarm electrodes. I have soaked each pad with mineral water. I used mineral water because I wasn’t sure the tap water I had had enough minerals. I slipped both pads under my washed and dried arms and plugged the device. The display shows the armpits area so I set the current to 8mA. I pressed the power button for 3 seconds. Treatment was starting with the gradual addition of a current (soft start).

The limit was set to maximum for armpits (8mA) but after a while, I felt a slight pain so I set the current to 7mA with the button. During the treatment, I saw polarity change every 2.5 minutes. After 15 minutes, treatment was ending by a gradual decrease in current. During the first session, I occasionally felt a gentle but bearable pain. In the end, I had redness in my armpit that disappeared after about 10 minutes. I also felt a soft tickle.

Second treatment

In the second procedure, I set the current to 6mA and after about 7 minutes I increased it to 7mA. I felt a soft tickle in my armpit again. In the end, I had red armpits again but it disappeared after a few minutes. Later I had a feeling they were very dry so I painted them with cream.

Other treatments

The third and fourth treatment was practically the same. But I have already set the current to maximum (8mA) since I no longer felt slight pain but only itching.

Second week

I plan to have 4 other treatments in the second week. This was my schedule:

1 day – off
2 day – procedure
3 day – procedure
4 day – off
5 day – procedure
6 day – off
7 day – procedure


After the first week of treatment, I noticed a moderate decrease in sweating. Therefore, I decided to continue the second week with other procedures. After the second week, sweat loss was more significant. I would estimate the sweat reduction to 85% which I consider a success. Walking around the mountains on Tortola (British Virgin Islands), I felt the difference for the first time. Other treatments have intensified this effect, so I could enjoy the streets of St. John in Antigua, or wander around San Marteen. The sharp sun and high temperatures were an ideal opportunity to test the power of iontophoresis.

In the past, I have already tried a strong over-the-counter antiperspirant. I saw the difference between antiperspirant and iontophoresis in that the antiperspirant got rid of 100% sweat for a few days, which is great, but on the other hand, my armpits were too dry! When I walked, the feeling of completely dry armpit skin bothered me. After iontophoresis, my armpits were slightly moist but sweat loss was significant.

After the third procedure, the sweat did not run down my hands and did not create wet stains on my clothes. It should also be noted that the electrodes do not completely cover the entire armpit surface. Therefore, sweat that is formed along the edge of this treated area can reach the armpit.

Overall, however, I consider the treatment successful. It certainly reduced the discomfort of sweaty armpits. The disadvantage of iontophoresis is mainly time demands, which in my case was not such a problem. The treatment time (15 min) can be used for various activities. For example, I was working on a computer, watching TV or reading. I did not experience any side effects after the procedures.

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Functionality Of Dermadry

Pulsed current

Dermadry belongs to the iontophoresis machines that use pulsed current. Unlike direct current that transmits 100% voltage during the entire procedure, pulsed current switches between on and off. It is more comfortable and skin-friendly.

Adjustable current

Setting the current level is a useful function. When you feel some itching or light pain during treatment, you can lower the current.


Dermadry has preset for sweaty hands, feet, and armpits. While for hands it is current range between 1-15 mA, for hands it is 1-25mA and for armpits 1-8 mA. Presets also vary from polarity alternating. For hands and feet, the polarity is changed every 5 minutes, for underarm treatments it is every 2.5 minutes. These values ​​were set for the best results and comfortable using.

Soft Start

After the treatment starts, the current increases gradually to the set level. This prevents shock or unpleasant feelings at the beginning of treatment.

Automatic polarity alternation

This feature eliminates the risk of some skin irritation and increased the user’s comfort.

Dermadry vs. Other Iontophoresis Machines

Dermadry, along with Iontocure and Iontoderma, are among the cheaper iontophoresis devices that range from $ 250 to $ 350. Unlike them, Dermadry offers besides the treatment of sweaty hands and feet also the underarm adapters. It also has more features that increase comfort. All three brands offer free worldwide shipping. Dermadry has extended the warranty and excellent customer support. See 10 Best Iontophoresis Machines in 2019: Complete Overview and Comparison for more information. There you will find a comparison of all available iontophoresis devices.

Pros and Cons


  • Best price/performance ratio
  • Dermadry total is also for sweaty armpits
  • The highest functionality in comparison with competition
  • Easy to use
  • Presets for hands, feet, and armpits
  • Adjustable current
  • Quality construction


  • Hard to find some
  • No additional adapters for head, chest
  • Iontophoresis treatment is time-consuming (15min for armpits 3-5 times a week)

Contraindications of Iontophoresis

Although iontophoresis is a safe procedure, it should not be used by people who have:

– Cardiac arrhythmia
– Peacemaker
– Metallic implants
– Pregnancy
– Skin Irritations
– Skin Infections
– Vascular disorders
– Epilepsy

Potential Side Effects of Iontophoresis

Some people who are treated with iontophoresis may experience some difficulty. These are the most common:

– Skin redness
– Skin irritation
– Itching
– Slight pain in treated areas
– Muscle Numbness
– Temporary Increase sweating after first treatments


I am very glad that I own this machine. Dermadry has helped me to significantly reduce sweating levels in hot weather during my Caribbean travels. My armpits were still a bit wet, but the sweat maps on my shirt disappeared and I felt much better. I would estimate the reduction in underarm sweating to be 85% after 2 weeks of treatment. The anti-sweat effect is maintained thanks to additional treatments 1x week for max.power.

Dermadry is a quality product for people who sweat regularly and often on their hands, feet or underarms. For those seeking relief from sweating occasionally, for example during the summer, I’d rather recommend a strong over-the-counter antiperspirant. Unlike iontophoresis, it is not so time-consuming, inexpensive and the effect lasts even for 5-7 days. I chose Dermadry because no chemicals were used in the treatment and I didn’t feel any side effects.

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