Excessive Sweating in Hot Weather – 9 Tips on How to Stop it.

Excessive sweating in hot weather

We all do sweat. It is the way how our bodies try to keep an accurate temperature needed for all important bodily processes. That’s why it is completely normal when we sweat more during summer time. But for many people who suffer from hyperhidrosis (medical term for excessive sweating), a hot season is the worst part of the year. This condition makes people sweat 4-5 times more than usual.

Excessive sweating in hot weather is getting even worst due to the high temperature of the air. It makes people feel extremely uncomfortable and embarrassed, they need to change clothes many times a day, and their social life becomes more complicated. If you belong to the ones with this diagnosis, or you just have a feeling that you sweat too much in the summer, in this article we are going to give you verified tips that can bring you relief from extreme sweating during hot days.


Few Words About Hyperhidrosis

Excessive sweating is a condition that affects approximately 5% of the human population. People with hyperhidrosis sweat uncontrollably and profusely even when their body doesn’t need it for cooling. It should be caused by a genetic predisposition (primary hyperhidrosis), some other health condition, or a side effect of certain medicaments (secondary hyperhidrosis). Several studies took place about the negative impact of hyperhidrosis on social and personal life. Heavy cases of hyperhidrosis can even lead to depression and social isolation. Fortunately, these days, there are several treatments that can stop or dramatically reduce sweating.


How to Sweat Less in the Heat?

How to sweat less in hot weather

1. Apply an antiperspirant

There are hundreds of antiperspirant-deodorant products that you can commonly see in TV advertising. These usually cannot be so helpful for people who sweat too much. We are talking about over-the-counter antiperspirant with a higher percentage of aluminium chloride or other chemical able to constrict sweat glands. Antiperspirant like this should always be applied before sleep, but during hot weather, we recommend to use it also in the morning.

In the article The Best Antiperspirant for Hyperhidrosis in 2019 (According to Customers Reviews) you will find the most common brands producing strong antiperspirants. There are also antiperspirants in the form of lotion or wipes, that can be applied to hands, feet, face or chest.

2. Wear a sweat-resistant clothing

T-shirts and undershirts

Generally, it is logic that during summer, we prefer lighter clothing, T-shirts, shorts and open shoes. Choose a clothes made of breathable materials that allow air to get to your skin. For people who sweat excessively, we can recommend wearing special sweat-resistant T-shirts and shirts. Brands like Thompson Tee, Sutran and others focus on producing clothing for people with hyperhidrosis. These T-shirts use special material technologies that ensure that sweat is evaporated faster and you don’t have sweat stains underarms.

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Dress Shirts

If sweat bother you in work and official situations, wearing a sweat-proof dress shirt can be very beneficial for you. Here you can check how it works and where you can find high-tech anti-sweat shirts ideal for formal occasions.

Summer soles

If you want to prevent smell from your sneakers or shoes not only in the summer, summer soles are a reasonable solution. These ultra-absorbent soles are designed for people with hyperhidrosis. While the sweat on your feet is drying and meet a skin bacteria, the stink is released. Anti-bacterial soles absorb sweat and significantly reduce feet smell. Here you can check the price on Amazon.

Sweat-proof caps

A problem with sweaty head in summer can be mitigated by using an anti-sweat cap made of Coolmax material. Headsweat performance cap is designed for athletes and everybody who sweats more.

3. Stay hydrated

Stay hydratedHydration is important always, but especially during hot days. If you sweat more than other people, you should also drink more water. Some people deliberately drink less because they don’t want to sweat more, but this is a very bad solution. Staying hydrated is important for the proper functioning of the organism, and it is definitely not good to underestimate it.

4. Avoid coffee and spicy food

Sweat-inducing food such as spicy food, alcohol, and coffee can trick your brain into thinking that you are exercising. Consuming these foods increases the heart rate and provokes sweat glands to produce sweat, even if it is not needed for cooling the body. Reducing caffeine, spicy and alcohol, especially in the summer, can make you less sweaty.

5. Try sweat pads

Event sweat pads cannot reduce sweat itself; they will prevent stains on your clothes. They absorb sweat in your armpits and don’t allow it to reach your upper clothing. For some people, wearing sweat pads is not quite comfortable, but is worthy of trying.

6. Manage your activities

Excessive sweating in hot weather can be reduced by reasonable managing of your daily activities. If you use to exercise, run, or do some sport, do it in the morning or evening when the temperature outside is not so high. You can, if possible, prolong the time spent in climatised places and reduce the movements in direct sunlight.

You can also try to adapt your environment in work or at home by using an air condition, ventilator, pull the blinds to prevent sunshine from warming the room. If you experience sweating at night, choose breathable, light bedding.

7. Use a cooling towel

Cooling towe for sweaty headFresh yourself by using a cooling towel during a day and reduce the temperature of your skin. There are many available cooling towels and headbands. Find some other tips on how to reduce face sweating in the article Excessive Sweating Head – 6 Tips to Keep it Dry.

8. Use a vaporiser with cold water

In the morning, pour cold water in a bottle with vaporiser and use it during “hot whiles”. Refreshing drops of water will cool your skin and will help with temperature management of the body.

9. Check medical treatments


It is a medical procedure designed initially for people with palmoplantar hyperhidrosis (sweaty hands and feet). The device uses a mild electrical current to mitigate the activity of sweat glands. Modern devices are adapted to treat also other parts of the body such as armpits, head or chest. Iontophoresis is a very effective method that can be used at home and in the summer, it should be especially beneficial. Read more about this treatment here.


Injection of botulinum toxin applied to the affected area seems to be a long-term solution for people with hyperhidrosis. Although it is a little pricy option, many people have reached very compelling results with botox.

Other treatments

ETS surgery can be the last solution for those with very serious symptoms of hyperhidrosis. Mechanical destroying of sweat glands by a surgeon is probably the most persistent way on how to get rid of profuse perspiration. In the menu of this web, under the category treatment, you can find some other treatments for excessive sweating. If you want to treat your excessive sweating seriously, we recommend visiting a dermatologist, who can make an examination and suggest the treatment ideal for your individual needs.

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  1. Wow! This article is simply golden time and it will surely be helpful

    I have a cousin who sweats profusely most times even under the normal weather condition and I figured out something is wrong with him. Though he thinks its perfectly okay for him to sweat. Hence, since I have discovered that he suffers from  hyperhidrosis, I will suggest this post to him and I am hopeful that he will be able to pick a few tips out of the above listed to counter the sweating.

    1. That’s great:) Thanks, RoDarrick, for sharing our article with your cousin. We believe he can find some useful tips on how to stay dry and feel more comfortable not only in hot weather. Have a nice day:)

  2. Thank you for such a life saving post! It is so hot in NYC and I do not look very presentable in front of my clients because of this brutal heat. I will check out the shirts. 

    I have no idea that coffee and spicy food can make me sweat more! Spicy food is my staple for making me happy, bummer. You see, I am from Thailand and I love my spicy food. I guess I can cut that and eat it at home only. 

    How does it cooling towel work? Is it just absorbing the sweat?

    1. Thanks, Nuttanee, for your comment! T-shirts and shirts designed for sweaty people are great if you don’t want to have a sweat-stains in you work. Cooling towels are made of a special material that absorb moisture X-times more than common fabrics and evaporation process is much faster. When wet, cooling towel can stay cold for hours.

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