How to Stop Sweating Immediately? Try These 8 Proven Ways!

nervous sweating

We usually sweat more due to hot weather or while exercising. The higher perspiration in these situations is predictable and we can expect it. But what to do when sweat surprises us? Meeting with a new boss, first date or sudden weather change are just a few examples when we start to sweat uncontrollably. 

Several treatments of excessive sweating are effective after a certain time and they are used by people who sweat profusely often. But how to control sweat all of a sudden? How to stop sweating immediately? This article has the ambition to answer these questions. But before we find out how to reduce sudden sweating, we are going to point out the causes of this condition.

When Do We Sweat Suddenly?

Perspiration is a cooling mechanism of the body. All bodily processes need a certain temperature to work properly. When this level is crossed, our brain sends a signal to sweat glands and we produce a cooling fluid. But temperature change is not the only trigger of sweating. These are the most common reasons for sudden excessive sweating:


Nervousness and sweatingStress and nervousness don’t affect only our psychic. Our organism reacts to these conditions with the so-called fight-or-flight response. Experts believe it is a part of the genetic developing of the human body. Once we are under stress or we feel nervous because of whatever reason, our body feels it like danger. The sympathetic nervous system ensures that we are more concentrated and all our senses are more sensitive. As a result, the heart rate is increased and sweat glands start to produce sweat.

A typical symptom of nervous sweating is clammy hands or excessive sweating on the face and under the pits. Several factors can affect how do we react in a stressy situation:

  • Psychic endurance
  • Physical condition
  • Genetics
  • Experiences 

Let’s give you a few examples: Somebody who used to talk in front of the public has fewer problems with nervousness (and sweating) like someone who has public speech the first time.

A boy who is preparing for his first date will be more prone to feel nervous and sweat more like a gentleman who dated many times before.

We can proceed this way but probably get the point. Health conditions can also affect how do we react under stress. Those who are fit have better bodily reactions for new or unexpected events. 

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Primary Hyperhidrosis

This condition is characterized by uncontrollable and excessive sweating without any reason. It is happening because of overactive sweat glands that produce sweat even if it is not needed for cooling the body. According to the International Hyperhidrosis Society, about 5% of the population suffers from this condition. 

Local sweating in certain parts of the body, mostly in armpits, hands, feet or head, is typical for primary hyperhidrosis. Other symptoms used for diagnostics are: 

  • Sweating starts in childhood or puberty
  • Other family members also sweat profusely
  • Sweaty episodes occur at least once a week
  • Sweating is not caused by some other disease, condition or medicine

People with primary hyperhidrosis sweat suddenly and uncontrollably even their bodily temperature stays stable. Read more about this condition in the article Primary Focal Hyperhidrosis – Symptoms, Causes, And Treatment Possibilities.


Yes, it is right. Some people experience increased perspiration while eating, after food, or even only when thinking ais called about food. This phenomenon is called Gustatory sweating. It is usually manifested by sudden sweating on the forehead and neck.

Spicy food is a typical trigger of gustatory sweating. Capsaicin in spicy food is a substance that tricks your brain. Your body reacts the same way as during increased temperature – by producing sweat. If you are interested in gustatory sweating, here you can find more detailed information.

How to Stop Sweating All Of Sudden

Once you start to sweat unexpectable, there are some ways how to stop or control perspiration:

1. Apply an antiperspirant

Certain dri prescription strength antiperspirantProbably the most effective and fast solution for sweating all of a sudden. Many antiperspirants from famous brands are more deodorant like an antiperspirant. Deodorants kill skin bacteria and suppress body odor but they don’t affect sweat glands.

We are talking about clinical strength antiperspirants that stop your sweating very fast and for even 5 days. So, it is practical to have always one with you. They contain a higher percentage (10-15%) of aluminium chloride or some other chemicals that narrow skin pores and reduce sweat. Here you can find the most effective antiperspirants for sudden sweating.

2. Use underarm sweat pads

If you sweat suddenly in your armpits, sweat pads can be very helpful. Sweat shield won’t make you less sweaty, but they hide your sweat and protect your clothes. There are several types of sweat pads according to the way of use:

  • Disposable sweat pads applicable directly onto the skin
  • Disposable and reusable sweat pads applicable to the inside part of clothes
  • Reusable sweat pads applicable around the body

These products are designed for moderate sweating, that’s why if you sweat a lot, it is better to combine wearing sweat pads with antiperspirant. Check out Top 11 Underarm Sweat Pads For Men And Women.

3. Try Baking soda or Cornstarch

Baking soda for removing deodorant stainsAnother cheap solution for heavy sweaters. Both baking soda and cornstarch powder are alkaline that promotes sweat evaporation and neutralizes body odor. How to use them?

For sweaty hands

Simply dust your hands with baking soda or cornstarch and let it act for a few minutes. Then wash it out and dry your hands.

For sweaty pits

Prepare a thick solution with mixing with water and apply the pasty in the armpits. After a few minutes, wash it away. 

4. Baby powder for sweaty hands

Since baby powder absorbs moisture, it can be used for reducing sweat. The application is similar to baking soda or cornstarch. Dust properly your clammy hands with baby powder and after a while, dry your hands with a towel. We recommend preferring product talc-free baby powder before the one with talc.

5. Calm down

One of the ways how to reduce nervous sweating is just calm down. If there is some actual problem you are facing, try to look at it from a positive perspective. There are several things you can do, you can try the one that fits you:

  • Meditation
  • Deep breathing
  • Exercising
  • Talk to your friends or family about your problem
  • Talk to a psychologist
  • Prepare yourself mentally for several alternatives

6. Try hand sanitizer

Using an alcohol-based hand sanitizer is another cheap and fast solution on how to minimize immediate hand sweating. Alcohol is an astringent that helps to constrict skin pores and bring you fast relief from sweat. 

7. Wear sweat-proof clothes

Sweat-resistant clothes can keep your sweating under control. These are available clothing for heavy sweaters:

Sweat-proof undershirts, T-shirts

Sweat control with Thompson teeSeveral brands produce undershirts and T-shirts designed for people who sweat a lot. While they use different patented sweat-proof technologies, the results are great. A combination of materials allows to absorb your sweat and evaporate it very fast while your upper part of clothes remains dry. In article 9 Best Sweat-Proof T-Shirts And Undershirt in 2019 (According to customers reviews) we introduce brands producing sweat-proof T-shirts that hide your sweat. 

Sweat-proof Shirts

These products combine new fiber material technology with modern design. Business and casual shirts provide high wet-marks protection and make you feel more comfortable and confident. Check out the best shirts for excessive sweating here.

8. Take a cooling towel

Even a cooling towel doesn’t prevent your sweat, it can bring a big relief especially during hot days. The cooling towel is made of special material that is activated by water. This hydroactive technology keeps the towel cold for a long time. Take a cooling towel with when outside is hot and refresh yourself whenever you want.

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