How to Stop Sweating Underarms: Not Only Antiperspirant Can Help.

Sweaty armpits

Sweating is a natural answer of our bodies to outer or inner conditions. When we do a sport or some physical activity, our overheated bodies need to cool down somehow. Then sweat starts to release. For now, everything is fine; it is a healthy reaction keeping us fit and safe from overheating.

But in the case of heavy sweating even when you don’t exercise or undergo some stressful situation, you probably belong to 5% of the population suffering from hyperhidrosis. In general, it is a condition when we sweat abnormally. In the article How to Stop Hyperhidrosis: Types and Causes of Excessive Sweating and Treatment Possibilities, we discuss the causes and types of hyperhidrosis. Now we are going to have a look at the type of hyperhidrosis that affects armpits, and outline the ways how to stop sweating underarms.

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About Axillary Hyperhidrosis

Axillary hyperhidrosis is a medical term for excessive underarm sweating. This condition is characterized by heavy and uncontrollable sweating in armpits, while the other parts of the body are relatively dry. The manifestations of this diagnosis may be differently strong, and according to them, we can use an appropriate treatment.

What are the symptoms of axillary hyperhidrosis?
  • You experience heavy sweating armpits often (minimally once a week)
  • Sweaty underarms don’t occur only in hot weather, but also during common situations
  • You feel a social discomfort because of sweating
  • Perspiration is uncontrollable
  • You experience the sweat stain on your clothes
Overactive sweat glands

sweat glands anatomyExcessive sweating is a product of overactive sudoriferous glands (sweat glands). The human body has two types of them, eccrine glands and apocrine glands. While eccrine glands cover all over the body, apocrine glands are found only in some areas: armpits, few parts of chest, eyelid and ear canal.

These glands are responsible for releasing the sweat underarms. If they do their job normally, they cool our bodies in situations when it is needed. But in people with hyperhidrosis, the glands become overactive and lead to profuse sweating.  

About Primary Hyperhidrosis

Axillary hyperhidrosis belongs to primary hyperhidrosis (or primary focal hyperhidrosis), which includes excessive perspiration of hands (palms), feet, head, and underarms. According to the National Hyperhidrosis Society, up to 15.3 million people are affected by this condition in the United States alone. Other researches made in this field had shown that primary hyperhidrosis creates a significant percentage of patients suffering from excessive sweating.

American Academy of Dermatology examined a group of teenagers and found out that 17.1% of them experience uncontrollable excessive sweating. As we can see, the primary hyperhidrosis is quite a common and extended diagnosis.

The main characteristics of primary hyperhidrosis:
  • It affects the area of armpits, head (face), hands (palms) and feet.
  • It is provoked by overacting of apocrine glands.
  • Primary hyperhidrosis is not affected by a health condition or a disease.
  • Sweating doesn’t occur at night.

The profuse sweating can start in the childhood or puberty, but the most common (and average) age is around 25. Family history occurs in patients suffering from primary hyperhidrosis (other family members experience similar symptoms).

Sweaty Armpits Causes

As we outlined above, there is no specific reason or medical condition that affect heavy sweating hand, head, feet or underarms. The most common cause for sweaty armpits (axillary hyperhidrosis) is genetic. Most of the people who have a problem with underarm sweating have parents, grandparents, or siblings with the same symptoms.

Sweaty Armpits: How to stop it?

As first, for appropriate and effective treatment, it is good to realize what the exact problem you face with is. These simple questions can help in specifying your condition and subsequently with choosing the right option:

1. How often do I sweat? Every day? Once a week? Only in the hot weather? 

2. How much do I sweat? 

3. In what kind of situation do I usually experience heavy sweating?

4. Do I sweat when I have stress? 

5. Do I have a problem with sweat stains on my shirts and clothes?

6. Do I sweat excessively only underarms, or the sweating also affects other parts of the body?

7. Does heavy perspiration affect my family and personal life? How much?

With these questions, you can make a little analysis and find out how serious your problem is. We have outlined a table that can help you to identify your condition and help you with deciding on a treatment.

How often do I sweat? Occasionally Natural treatment
Deodorant – antiperspirant
Few times a week Natural treatment
Over-the-counter antiperspirant
Every day Iontophoresis
ETS surgery
In stress situations Natural treatment
Over-the-counter antiperspirant



Where do I sweat the most?

Underarms Over-the-counter antiperspirant
ETS surgery
Hands, Feet, Head Over-the-counter antiperspirant
The entire body Visit a doctor for an examination
How much does sweat affect my life? Minimally Natural treatment
Deodorant – antiperspirant
In some situations Deodorant – antiperspirant
Over-the-counter antiperspirant
Markedly Over-the-counter antiperspirant
Extremely Iontophoresis
ETS surgery
How much do I sweat? Normally, or a little more than other people Natural treatment
Deodorant – antiperspirant
More than other people Over-the-counter antiperspirant
Very much Iontophoresis
ETS Surgery
In what situations do I sweat profusely? Hot weather, warm enviroment Deodorant – antiperspirant
Over-the-counter antiperspirant
Sweat-proof clothing
Exercising, Doing a sport Natural treatment
Deodorant – antiperspirant
Over-the-counter antiperspirant
Sweat-proof clothing
Stress situations Deodorant – antiperspirant
Over-the-counter antiperspirant
At night Visit a doctor for an examination

Sweaty Armpits Treatment


As the title of this article says, antiperspirant is not the only solution to reduce the sweating, although, for this type of hyperhidrosis, it is the most common treatment. Using an over-the-counter clinically strong antiperspirant should be the first option.

In the contribution The Best Antiperspirant for Excessive Sweating – According to Customers reviews, we discuss the difference between deodorant and antiperspirant, how to choose an effective antiperspirant, and we also recommend some verified products that already helped many people. The best way to buy an antiperspirant is online because each of these kinds of products is not usually available in physical stores.

There are also some steps or procedures for proper use of antiperspirant, and you can find out about that in the article mentioned.


Hidrex iontophoresis machineThis method for reducing perspiration became very popular due to its efficiency and long-lasting effects. Many patients got rid of excessive sweating in a few weeks. The treatment is based on using an electrical current for stimulation of the affected parts of the body. A special Iontophoresis device is used for the procedure. 

Iontotherapy is usually used for sweaty palms or feet, but many manufacturers adapted their devices also to the treatment of underarms. For this propose, special adapters for underarms can be added to the Iontophoresis machine. If you are interested in Iontophoresis, you may like the article: Iontophoresis Treatment – the Highly Effective Way How to Get Rid of Hyperhidrosis

Here you can find more information about Iontophoresis devices, how they work, how effective they are, as well as the correct way of use.


Botox (botulin toxin) injections are another effective option for excessive sweating underarms. The treatment is an excellent choice for people who have already tried an over-the-counter or prescription antiperspirant without reaching the desired effect.

 Botox is applied directly to the affected area where you sweat the most. It paralyzes the nerves responsible for activation of sweat glands. While it is a very safe method, there are some possible side effects, and that’s why it is reasonable to talk to your doctor before you undergo the procedure.


A relatively new method for excessive sweating uses a noninvasive microwave technology. Microwaves cause localized thermolysis of the sweat glands, which lead to a reduction in sweating. A unique device is used for this treatment.

While MiraDry is a new technology, the devices are not adapted for hands and feet yet. Microwave treatment is not available for home use, but it is applied by a dermatologist. On, you can find an expert who is nearest to your place easily.

Natural treatment

While clinically strong and prescription antiperspirants, Iontotherapy or Botox are proven medical methods for reducing hyperhidrosis, there are also many natural remedies and recipes that can help you to sweat less. Actually, you shouldn’t expect a markedly changes in your condition after using only some natural preparations.

Natural products for excessive sweating are recommended for use only as an additional and auxiliary treatment. The effects of drinking a sage tea, making an herbal bath, using a natural cream or home remedies are individual and usually quite limited.  

Anyway, if you prefer a natural way, you can get a certain benefit, especially if you apply natural remedies regularly. If you want to know more about this topic, you may like this article: Natural Remedies for Excessive Sweating – Does Anything Help? 

14 Comments on “How to Stop Sweating Underarms: Not Only Antiperspirant Can Help.”

  1. I must thank you for this article because I have problem with this and I don’t want to go to a doctor. I am always looking for some natural treatments instead of pills. Do you think that some food can affect excessive sweating? I will stop using deodorants for some time. I will share this with my cousin who have the same problem.

    1. We appreciate your comment Daniel and thank you for sharing the article with your cousin:) We hope it will be useful.

      To your question about food, yes some food such as coffee, alcohol and spicy can affect a perspiration level. It is because this kind of food increase a heart rate and the temperature is getting high. The body reacts by activating of sweat glands and producing more sweat. Anyway, everybody reacts different, many people don’t experience sweating after consuming spicy food or coffee. 

      It is good to observe yourself and your reaction to this food. Another thing is, garlic, onion or fish can affect an unpleasant body odor. We describe this process in the article Why Does my Sweat Smell Like Ammonia? The Causes of Specific Body Odor.

  2. I was looking for natural remedies for managing sweat when I came across this article. I usually sweat in hot weather and when am nervous. I am very cautious when I sweat and even though I don’t carry deodorant with me all the time, I would like to know how to take care of the sweat naturally especially to reduce having my clothes being all soaked up and visible to all.

    1. Hello Anita,

      I understand your attempt to prefer a natural way how to reduce sweating. I discuss this topic in the article Natural Remedies for Excessive Sweating – Does Anything Help? Another thing I can recommend is using a natural aluminum free deodorants such as Real PuritySoapwalla or Magnesium deodorant.

      These products are made of organic ingredients and contain natural astringent (substances causing the contraction of skin cells), or essential oils able to absorb moisture.

      Another option for how to reduce sweat stains on your clothes is trying sweat-proof t-shirts such as Thompson Tee or some functional tees you can usually find in sportswear shops.


  3. Hey there! Thanks for sharing the many ways I can use to stop my underarm sweating. I admit that I only thought of antiperspirant but you have shown me a lot of choices that I had no idea about. Iontophoresis is especially interesting to me because it seems like something that I can do at home without professional or medical care? 

    1. Yes, you are right, Marlinda. Iontophoresis is available for home treatment. It is a reasonable and healthy way how to reduce underarm sweating due to no chemicals used during the home procedure. We have published an article about available iontophoresis machines that can be helpful.

  4. I have heard of this condition before but I did not realize that there were several different methods for treating these symptoms. It seems the most direct and quickest way to treat over sweating is by electrical current but it seems there is a hormonal situation that you can fix as well through diet. What is your favorite way to treat oversweating?

    1. Thanks for your comment, Jon. We don’t have a favorite treatment of hyperhidrosis, because it depends on the level of sweating and other factors. Occasional and not so often profuse sweating can be effectively controlled by using an antiperspirant, but for more serious cases there are better and long-term solutions, such as Iontophoresis or botox. Iontophoresis seems to be beneficial for underarm treatment because it is non-invasive treatment that uses no chemicals.

  5. Wow, what an incredible post. Although I absolutely have no experience of the subject, nor do I know anyone dealing with excessive sweating, I can’t imagine how it might be… Your post is so detailed, I am sure it is a great help for anyone dealing with this situation. I will definitely refer anyone I come across in future who might need this information. Thank you!

    1. Thank you, Kimberleigh, for your comment. We are glad that you like our article and thanks for your support:)

  6. I learned about the segment of the population that suffers from hyperhidrosis.  When I looked up the definition of hyperhidrodis I found that this condition is sometimes referred to as the silent handicap.  The new treatment you mentioned, Lontophopesis, seems to have great promise for those who suffer.  With both Botox and MirDry available as well, there seems to be several good optional treatments available.  I was not previously aware that the condition is not a problem at night.  Good news for sure for those who suffer from it.  Some good graphics also to assist in the understanding of the problem.  Thanks for a great article and the awarenesses you brought to those of us who were essentially unfamiliar with this how debilitating this issue can be. 

    1. Thanks for your comment, TimMoto. You are right, hyperhidrosis is really a silent handicap that bothers many people. It can be very annoying especially in terms of social relations. Fortunately, they can try several available treatments that are safe and effective. It is our mission to bring an important information about ways how to fight against this condition.

  7. One of my biggest complexes in the summer is getting sweat patches under my arms. I find it often occurs from stress as well as obviously hot weather. At times I have had to walk around with tissues in my armpits so that my t-shirt doesn’t soak. Luckily, it’s not something I suffer from the whole time, so I don’t think I need to visit the doctor. Recently I have been using a deodorant that claims to take away sweating and it has really been working for me!

    1. Thanks, Hollie Rose, for your comment! Yes, hot weather and stress are typical triggers of profuse sweating. If this is not happening too often, you don’t need to visit a doctor. There are several ways how to stop sweaty armpits or make the sweat invisible. Underarm pads, sweat-proof clothing can help the same as an over-the-counter antiperspirant applied only in “sweaty” situations. Using deodorant is also important to keep the body fresh and without odor.

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