7 Best Foot Antiperspirants That Stop Sweat and Smell.

Best antiperspirants for feet

It is normal to have sweaty feet while doing some sport or physical activity, but when it occurs often, and without any obvious reason, it should indicate a medical condition called hyperhidrosis. If the affected area of the body is the feet or hands, then we’ll be talking about palmoplantar hyperhidrosis. Stop feet sweating is a priority for people suffering from this condition, because it drastically affects their daily life. 

The seriousness of the symptoms varies from case to case. While one experience excessive feet sweating only during exercising, running, or physically demanding activities, the other feels a sweaty feet during stress or personal problems. People with palmoplantar hyperhidrosis diagnosis know how terrible and unpleasant it can be. They experience abnormal feet sweating every day, or a few times a week.

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Palmoplantar Hyperhidrosis

According to the American Family Physician, palmoplantar hyperhidrosis is usually idiopathic, this means it rises spontaneously, and the cause is unknown. While we don’t exactly know the reason, we know many ways to get rid of sweaty feet. In the article How to Cure Sweaty Feet? Treatment Possibilities and Tips on How to Keep Your Feet Dry, we described the most common methods for excessive sweating feet treatment. In the text, we also outlined medical complications that can be caused by hyperhidrosis of the feet.

Now, we are going to take a closer look at specific products that can stop excessive sweating. This can help both the people experiencing sweaty feet occasionally and patients with palmoplantar hyperhidrosis. 


Antiperspirant For Feet

In our minds, we usually associate an antiperspirant with underarm sweating. And yes, there are many brands producing roll-on or solid antiperspirant primarily intended for armpits. But there are many products that can also reduce the amount of sweat in other parts of the body. 

Antiperspirants for feet and hands comes usually in form of lotion, gel, or spray. The reason is obvious: it is much easier for applying. We have chosen 7 over-the-counter (no need for a prescription) antiperspirants for feet which are proven by high efficiency and many positive customer reviews. These products are also easily accessible online.

1. Carpe antiperspirant foot lotion

Carpe antiperspirant for feetThis clinically proven foot lotion is designed for everybody who wants to stop sweaty feet. You need to only apply a thin layer of lotion to your feet for immediate relief. There are other advantages why Carpe is worth trying:

  • Strengths of prescription products
  • No side effects
  • The lotion contains natural eucalyptus oil for soothing your skin
  • Use daily or in cases of excessive sweating

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2. Sweatblock hands and feet lotion

Sweatblock antiperspirant for feetStrong antiperspirant effects of the lotion are reached because of an active ingredient called aluminum sesquichlorohydrate. The product is suitable for people with plantar or palmar hyperhidrosis, as well as the ones who experience feet sweating occasionally. The antiperspirant should be applied nightly on washed and dried feet. What else do Sweatblock claims:

  • Reducing foot odor and bacteria caused by sweating
  • Quick absorbing
  • Long lasting effect

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3. SweatStop forte

Sweatstop antiperspirant for feetIf you tend to sweat quickly and spontaneously, then this spray is ideal for you. Applied spray absorbs in a minute, and beside sweat protection, it is very gentle to the skin.

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4. Kleinert’s dry feet wipes

Kleinerts feet antiperspirantClinical antiperspirant wipes should be applied to dry skins. The wipes contain 15% of aluminum chloride. It’s an astringent that narrows the skin pores and prevents sweat from getting to the skin surface in such a big amount.

Aloe and vitamin E ensures no skin irritation. The antiperspirant effects are not affected by showering.

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5. Odaban

Obadan antiperspirant for feetThis spray antiperspirant provides a sweat relief for 24 hours. Balanced composition and a constant dose of the product avoid over-application. The hermetically sealed pump spray is 100% fragrance-free and it doesn’t contain any allergy-inducing ingredients. 20% of aluminum chloride ensure strong and long-lasting efficiency.

The antiperspirant should be applied at bedtime, and it’s recommended to start with a small amount. Due to spray consistency, Obadan is also suitable for most parts of the body.

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6. Tite grip for hands and feet

Tite grip antiperspirant for feetTite grip topical cream is ideal for sweaty hands and feet. If you do experience nervous sweating or abnormal sweating while doing a physical activity, this cream will help to keep your feet dry. Optimal using is 30-40 minutes before an activity or a situation that will provoke you to sweat.

Tite grip is slightly perfumed by Lavender fragrance. After using, wait a few minutes so your feet can absorb the cream.

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7. Body balance

Body balance feet antiperspirantBody Balance Prevents Excessive Sweating. The gel was designed to stop sweating immediately. It absorbs in a very short time and works instantly.

The gel is clinically tested and made of 100% natural and safe ingredients. Apply a small amount of gel to your feet, wait a minute until the substance absorbs and enjoy your dry steps.

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Other Tips on How to Keep Your Feet Dry

sweaty feet protection

1. Wash your feet properly

While it seems to be obvious, proper, and regular, hygiene is a base for the elimination of sweat and feet odor. Wash your feet every morning and evening with antibacterial soap, and then dry them properly. Combination of feet hygiene with antiperspirant or other treatment possibilities such as iontophoresis can stop your problem of sweaty feet in a short time. You can also add some of the tips below to increase your chance for dry feet.

2. Use a foot powder

The most striking and unwelcome accompanying phenomenon of sweaty feet is body odor. When sweat meets a bacteria living on your feet, it begins to release an odor. Using powder for feet and shoes, such as Odor eaters, Runners feet, or Foot sense can markedly reduce the smell and keep your feet fresh for many hours. Foot powders are usually used by runners and people doing a sport that running is part of it.

3. Wear an antibacterial socks

Wearing socks made of a special material can also reduce stinky and wet feet. Coper antibacterial socks contain a copper yarn that produces a natural protected area and eliminates 99% of bacteria and fungi. Other similar products are Tisocks. The antifungal function is guaranteed by titanium in the yarn. Bamboo socks is another option for people with sweaty feet. Bamboo fiber has also an antibacterial effect persisting even after multiple washes, and the material is very comfortable for wearing.

4. Try a special insoles

Summer soles is a brand of ultra-absorbent insoles for sandals and flats. The product is designed for people who suffer from excessive sweating and palmar hyperhidrosis. Non-woven fabric is unique due to its absorbability and channeling the moisture away from the feet. HappyStep is another sweat-proof product with good references, promising high protection from sweat.

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