Sweat Miracle Review (2019) – Is It Worth Buying?

Sweat Miracle Review 2019

Combat against excessive sweating should be very successful these days. Due to several medical treatments that limit sweat glands activity or natural treatments that improve results in the long run, people who sweat a lot can experience big relief. You can also find much information about hyperhidrosis across the internet that can help you to analyze your sweating and choose the proper treatment. Besides all these possibilities, there are also several books and E-books with complete knowledge about excessive sweating. Sweat Miracle is probably the most known, that’s why is sometimes also called “Hyperhidrosis Bible”.

In our Sweat Miracle review, we are going to have a deep look on this E-book, we will tell you all you need to know about the content, individual chapters, about the author and his holistic approach to excessive sweating treatment. At the end of our Sweat Miracle review, you will know what are the positives and negatives that will help you.

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Is Sweat Miracle Legit?

Sweat Miracle is a regular E-book promoted by Clickbank, which is a referral platform ensuring publishers to promote e-books, physical products, and softwares. Sweatlimit is also registered on this platform, which means when you decide to order this book through our link, we will get a small commission fee (which doesn’t affect your price).

Sweat Miracle is a legit and standard E-book, but to be honest their website looks a little tricky. Once you reach Sweat Miracle website, you can click a video where Miles Dawson explain his system. In a few seconds a small window will pop up that gives you a choice whether to watch the video or go to the text version of the page. We recommend to chose a text version because there you can find out more information about the book and the 5-step holistic system such as experiences of some user and bonuses you can get after you order the book.

The process of ordering the book was smooth and without difficulties. We paid by credit card, and after confirmation, we received an e-mail with a link for downloading the book in PDF format. 


What is Sweat Miracle Holistic System?

Sweat Miracle Diet ProgramSweat Miracle is an e-book from Miles Dawson, a nutrition specialist, who tries to offer a holistic and integrated method on how to get rid of excessive sweating. It is a complex source of information about hyperhidrosis (excessive sweating) where you will find all you need to know about types of hyperhidrosis, symptoms, causes, efficiency and possible risks of all available medical treatments. Based on these information, you will know how does sweating mechanism work, why some people sweat more than others and what they can do with it. 

The focus of the book lies in a holistic system that tries to understand the problem and not only treat actual symptoms, but heal the core of the condition. This approach includes changes in diet that lead to sweat reduction in 1-2 months. While the author is a nutrition expert, he suggests the dietary plan that supports the correct functioning of the whole sweating mechanism. We consider this part of the book as the most beneficial. 


About Miles Dawson

Miles Dawson is a certified nutritionist and professional health consultant. After 12 years of suffering from hyperhidrosis, he decided to start research on hyperhidrosis especially in terms of nutrition and lifestyle. He has tested several natural ways how to reach permanent relief from excessive sweating and conceived all his important findings in this book. He discovered a system that as long as it is respected can dramatically reduce abnormal perspiration.


Sweat Miracle Overview

Basic information

Name Sweat Miracle
Author Miles Dawson
File Format PDF
File Size 1,4 MB
Number of Pages 150
Price $37.00
Homepage www.sweatmiracle.com

Order process: Once you order the e-book, you will get an e-mail with a link for downloading the book.

How is Sweat Miracle organized?

Sweat Miracle is divided into 4 separated main chapters that allow a reader to proceed chapter by chapter or to choose the one that fits the most for specific condition and needs. For instance, if you want quick relief, the second chapter gives you tips that reduce your sweating immediately. Those who prefer progressive but long-lasting sweat reduction choose the chapter about the 5-step system for reversing excessive sweating. These are the main chapters overview and brief content description:

Chapter 1: All about Hyperhidrosis

In the beginning, the author explains how sweating works, what is the role of the sympathetic nervous system, and what is exactly happening with your body during perspiration. You will learn what types of excessive sweating do we know and what is characterised for all of them. Dawson also describes reasons why some people sweat much more than others and what are the reasons and causes of this condition.

Chapter 2: Diagnosis and Evaluating Hyperhidrosis

After the basic understanding of hyperhidrosis, the second chapter is focused on symptoms and their recognition. The correct diagnosis is necessary for suggesting and setting a proper and effective treatment. You will know the dermatologist method for diagnosis, what tests and exams have to be made for finding the underlying cause of hyperhidrosis.

Chapter 3: Conventional treatments

These days, there are several medical conventional treatments using for sweat reducing. The author in this chapter introduces the most common ones and adds all possible risks related to these treatments. It includes oral and topical medications, over-the-counter antiperspirants, botox, and surgical procedures such as sympathicolysis, endoscopic thoracic sympathectomy (ETS) or sweat glands removal surgery.

Chapter 4: The 5-step Sweat Miracle System for reversing Excessive sweating

In this part of the book, Dawson explains his 5-step program how to get rid of excessive sweating. He tries to understand (and explain) what causes that our organism reacts abnormally for thermal impulses and explore ways on how to fix it. This holistic approach wants to heal the problem, not only suppress symptoms.  This 5-step sure system brings tips on what to do to experience an immediate (but short-lived) relief from sweating as well as information how to progressively reduce excessive sweating to minimum in the long run. This is possible mainly due to changes in diet and lifestyle. Now, let’s have a look at particular steps:

Step 1: The 2-hour quick relief hyperhidrosis fix

In this section, you will find quick emergency tips on how to stop sweating using herbs or simple actions and advice what to do to avoid body odor and sweat stains.

Step 2: The Sweat Miracle diet and nutrition plan

While all information mentioned in the book so far can be found on many other resources and websites, the nutrition plan is unique and brings the biggest value of this book.  You will know what food you should avoid or how to replace it with sweating-friendly alternatives. The author also describes food items that should be consumed by people with hyperhidrosis and gives some tips for recipes that should not be missing in the heavy sweater’s diet. Proper nutrient compositions are essential for this holistic approach. 

Step 3: Vitamin, Mineral and Herbal supplementation to the hyperhidrosis rescue

The importance of minerals and vitamin for all bodily processes is well known. In this chapter, Dawson focuses on the specific natural substances that affect sweating. Regular and correct consuming of these important vitamins and minerals keep your body in balance and ensure that the nervous system will work better and more efficient. As a result, you should sweat less and more effective.

Step 4: Cleansing and Detoxication to reverse hyperhidrosis

The author considers cleansing of the organism as a very important part of combat against excessive sweating. He describes a cleansing diet and program that help to remove toxins and heavy metal from the body and regenerates liver, bowels, and kidneys. Besides sweat reducing you should experience energy boost and overall improvement of bodily processes.

Fasting is another technique that helps you get rid of toxic materials and pollutants from your body.  You will get all information on how to do fasting well and effective. Actually it is about balanced combinations of vegetables, herbs, and food. 

Step 5: Mind and Body techniques and lifestyle changes for reversing hyperhidrosis

The last step to your sweat-freedom is based on psychological aspects of hyperhidrosis. Stress belongs to the most common cause of sudden abnormal perspiration. In this part of the book, you will find some breathing and relaxation techniques on how to eliminate stress and anxiety to keep your sweating under control. Hygiene and clothing tips in this chapter can be also helpful not only for sweating but also for body odor elimination. 

In the Appendix, you will be familiar with physical therapy options for hyperhidrosis, specifically iontophoresis. The book ends with a dictionary of the most commonly used words and terms related to hyperhidrosis.

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Sweat Miracle System Explanation

Sweat Miracle Natural TreatmentAs you can see in previous paragraphs, The holistic Sweat Miracle system is based on a balanced diet and lifestyle. Since Miles Dawson is a nutrition expert that know how diet and specific food affects bodily processes, this part of the book has the greatest added value. His system is built on the premise that you want to stop excessive sweating, you need to optimize the health and functionality of your internal organs what can be reached by a balanced diet and cleansing the body from harmful substances.


Who is Sweat Miracle for? 

This E-book is for:

  • People who suffer from any kind of hyperhidrosis
  • For everybody who sweats too much
  • For sweaty people who prefer natural treatment
  • For those who sweat profusely due to stress and nervosity 
  • For people who want to have all important information about hyperhidrosis in one place
  • For excessive sweating sufferers who are able to adapt and modify their eating habits 
  • For those who already use some conventional treatment and want to improve results by natural treatment


What Can You Expect From Sweat Miracle?

On the text version of the Sweat Miracle website, you can read several reviews from real users. Some of them experience real relief from sweat after one week; others needed about 3-4 weeks. Even nutrition and detoxication plan presented in the book make sense in terms of improving bodily processes; everybody reacts differently. That’s why there is no guarantee how it will work on you. Anyway, if the program will be effective, you will save much money you normally put in antiperspirant or other conventional treatment. 


Pros And Cons

  • Solid and complex information about hyperhidrosis in one book
  • The holistic system offer tips on how to stop sweating immediately (but short-live effect), but also long-term sweat reducing based on a balanced diet, nutrition plan and lifestyle changes
  • The author is a nutrition expert and health coach
  • You can’t find Information about detoxication and cleanse in relation to sweating mechanism anywhere else
  • Diet plan for excessive sweaters
  • Free bonuses in the form of e-books about natural cures and other relating topics
  • 3 months Email Counselling with Miles Dawson
  • Kind of cheap-looking website
  • The price should seem too high
  • The half of the book is about common available information about hyperhidrosis you can find free on the internet (for example also on our page sweatlimit.com)


Is Sweating Miracle Worthy of Buying?

We tried to give you all the information on what the book is about and what are the positives and negatives of this product. This should help you to make your own decision. We think that the second part of the book is interesting, and when you follow advice about nutrition plan and diet, it should help you to sweat less. It requires self-discipline and really willing to adapt your diet, which can be dissuasive for many people. 

As we already mentioned, the first half of the book contains information about hyperhidrosis itself and conventional treatments, what you can actually find also on our website or other similarly focused sources. The second part is unique in terms of nutrition tips that should help your organism to react better and sweat only when it is really needed. The question is if you are willing to pay $37 for it. If you belong to heavy sweaters and you are looking for natural ways how to get rid of this condition, or if you want to have all information about excessive sweating in one PDF file, Sweat Miracle should be a reasonable option.

Once you buy the Sweat Miracle, you will get 3 months of counseling with Miles Dawson, which can be a huge benefit if you need some advice about your diet and food composition. Besides this, there are also other bonuses such as free e-books about natural cures, how to be your own doctor and a few others.

Sweat Miracle Buy




Sweat Miracle from Miles Dawson is an interesting e-book designed for people with any kind of hyperhidrosis. Besides the basic knowledge about excessive sweating and types of hyperhidrosis, the book offers 5-step system based on nutrition and detoxication plan that helps our sweating mechanism to work properly. 

4 Comments on “Sweat Miracle Review (2019) – Is It Worth Buying?”

  1. Thank you for this post.  I have a sweat condition but I’m not sure if it’s Hyperhidrosis.  Most of the time, I go to bed hot and sweaty only to wake up cold in the middle of the night.  I’d like to be able to go to sleep dry and comfortable.

    Do you think this eBook and consultation opportunity would work for me?  It sounds interesting but I wonder if I should actually figure out what I have first or do you think this is a form of Hyperhidrosis?

    Again thank you and I look forward to your response.


    1. Thank you, Scott, for your question!

      You are right, sometimes it is not easy to recognize if your sweating can be considered as hyperhidrosis. Due to this fact, we designed a quiz called SweatChecker that can help you to define it. You can try it here, it is free and it takes only a few minutes.

      Sweating at night can have several causes. We have discussed this topic in the article Profuse Sweating While Sleeping – How to Reduce Night Sweats? .There are also some reasons specific for men and women related to hormonal changes in the body. While in women are typical night sweats during pregnancy and menopause, men also experience sweaty episodes quite often. Check out the article Night Sweating in Men – Causes and Treatment where you will find out more. 

  2. I am a big sweater and when I start working or working out, no one wants to be near me, and especially doesn’t want to touch me. This was an advantage at one time when I played basket ball and it was easier to slide by a defender due to the excessive sweat.

    There are immediate short term solutions, that may be short lived, but do the long term solutions really rely on medications or supplements or can you primarily do it by only changing your nutrition?

    1. Well, Rick, the effect of nutrition changes can vary from person to person. I believe when the Sweat Miracle nutrition plan is conscientiously observed, it can have a lasting effect. 

      A good solution for a heavy sweater seems to be a combination of traditional treatment (antiperspirant, iontophoresis…) with changes in diet.

      if excessive sweating bothers you while exercising or playing basketball, we recommend to check out the article: Excessive Sweating While Exercising: Is it Good or Bad? 

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