How to Check My Sweat? Use the SweatChecker!

Sweating is very irritating especially if it’s heavy and profuse. Normally, we sweat when our bodies need to regulate temperature. Our organism uses sweat for the prevention of overheating. That’s why we sweat more while exercising, doing sport or any physical activity. But what should I do when perspiration can’t stop even if I am doing just common things? How to check my sweat and know what treatment is the best for me?

Excessive sweating phenomena are called hyperhidrosis. There are many types of hyperhidrosis depending on the area where we sweat or the age that starts the symptoms.
People with primary hyperhidrosis experience heavy sweating in underarms, hands, feet, or head. The reason is unknown, but usually, genetics is the main culprit. Secondary hyperhidrosis is characterized by sweating all over the body, it usually starts after the age of 25 years and mostly is caused by some underlying medical condition.

Every type of hyperhidrosis has some typical symptoms. SweatChecker finds yours and suggests the step by step anti-sweat guide.

There are many ways to reduce sweating, and that’s great because hyperhidrosis can drastically affect people’s daily life. But before choosing the right treatment, the analysis of the symptoms should be made.




What is Sweatchecker?

Sweatchecker_Stop sweating

SweatChecker is a tool powered by the website, Sweatlimit, and it’s designed for everybody who wants to stop or reduce perspiration. Practically it is a survey with 11 questions. The main purpose of this quiz is to find out your condition about sweating and according to it, to recommend a suitable treatment.

The whole 11 questions survey takes about 1-2 minute, and we think it is good to spend a little time to discover the right way to effectively fight against sweat. The survey is totally anonymous and free. You don’t need to fill out your personal data, e-mail, name or anything.


How does it work?

When you reach the SweatChecker website, you will see a simple page with a short note about what SweatChecker provides. There are two buttons. By clicking the button CHECK MY SWEAT, you start the survey and you get directly to the first question. The second button FIND OUT MORE, redirects you to this article. It is intended for people who get to the SweatChecker website from the other source than from

If you scroll down below these buttons, there is a short explanation how SweatChecker works in 3 steps. There is also a short section about the page and tree blocks of text explaining the process and purpose of the survey. Now we sum up the whole process:

1. Starting the SweatChecker

After clicking the button “CHECK MY SWEAT,” you will be redirected directly to the first question of the quiz. All the question are designed for finding the most important facts about your sweating, such as:

– What type of hyperhidrosis do you suffer (primary or secondary)?
– What is the seriousness of your condition (Low, middle, or high)?
– How much does sweat affect your daily life

2. Analysis

Every question of the survey has more possible answers. Please pay attention for questions and try to choose the answers that are closest to the reality. It ensures you will get the relevant results and recommendations. Every question is designed to find out one important fact about how you sweat. This particular fact creates together an overall picture of your condition.

After answering 11 questions, you will be redirected to the result page. There are several results pages you can be led to.

3. Get Your Results

According to your answers, SweatChecker sent you to the result page that displays the short description of your sweat condition and the type of hyperhidrosis you suffer from. Below is the result block that you’ll find the detailed steps on what to do for sweat reduction. The last step is composed as  general tips that can help with your fight against profuse sweating.





Why should I use Sweatchecker?

SweatChecher is a very short but useful tool for people who experience excessive sweating. Somebody sweats every day, and the other, only in some stressful situation. Someone sweats only in some parts of the body, such as armpits, hands, feet or head, and the other sweats all around the body. SweatChecker reveals your problem, makes an analysis, and provide you with valuable information on how you can reduce the problem.

– You will find out your condition about sweating
– You will get valuable information about sweating
– You will get a particular step-by-step guide on what to do for sweat reduction

SweatChecker is fast, reliable, completely free and anonymous. Try it now and let us know your experience and opinion about SweatChecker down in the comment section below this post.


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