Top 11 Underarm Sweat Pads For Men And Women

Top underarm sweat pads for men and women

You know the situations when you are between friends, people at work, on the bus or anywhere else and your T-shirt or blouse has terrible wet marks under your pits. You probably feel uncomfortable and embarrassed, too. Since some deodorants and antiperspirants suppress your sweat, sometimes it is not enough. Sweat pads are a reasonable solution on how to stop underarm sweating. They can help to keep your sweat out of your clothes which makes you more confident and save your favorite clothes. These pads create a sweat-proof barrier that also protects you from body odor for a longer time. Before we introduce the top underarm sweat pads, we say a little more about how these products look like and how to use them.

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What Are Underarm Sweat Pads?

Armpit pads are little cotton pads that can be stuck directly to your skin or part of clothes and absorb sweat. You can choose between disposable or reusable underarm sweat pads that are washable and last longer. Since some garment shields are fastening around the torso, other types stick to your skin or the inside part of clothes. There are many sweat absorbent pads on the market; that’s why we have chosen these that are easily available and have many positive reviews from users.

Best Sweat Pads For Underarms

1. Purax pure pads (30 pcs)

Purax underarm sweat pads

PURAX Underarm Pads contains 30 self-adhesive, breathable and hygienic underarm pads, which are applied directly onto the skin. Natural absorbent with no ingredients ensures safe to use to the sensitive skin. The shape of these pads is designed for comfort and doesn’t affect movements at all. Pads are stable and won’t slide off the skin; a tested material used for Purax is a high absorbent that allows air circulation.

Name Purax pure pads
Type Disposable
Application Onto the skin
Number of use 15
Color White, brown
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2. Lavince underarm sweat pads (30 pcs)

Lavince underarm sweat pads

These underarm pads, ideal for moderate sweating are made of pure cotton with no allergens. Pads offer effective sweat mark elimination and protect your clothes. The accurate size was tested to offer maximum comfort while wearing. Pads are designed for long sleeve clothing, but they are adjustable for short-sleeve T-shirts or blouses.

Name Lavince
Type Disposable
Application In the inside part of clothes
Number of use 15
Color White
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3. Kleinert’s underarm shields (24 pcs)

Kleinert's underarm sweat shieldsKleinert’s is a company that produces several products for sweat and odor protection like sweat-proof clothing for men and women, antiperspirant wipes, deodorants, and foot products. Their disposable sweat pads are easily applicable to the underarm inseam of shirt or blouse. Due to 3 strong adhesive peel-off strips on every pad, no pins or straps are necessary. Pads work well on every type of fabric.

Name Kleinert’s
Type Disposable
Application In the inside part of clothes
Number of use 12
Color White
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4. Kleinert’s underarm washable sweat pads for women (1pcs)

Kleinert's reusable sweat padsThe same company produces reusable sweat pads for women. They can be attached to clothing by a pin that is in every corner of the pad. These shields are constructed with 3 layers. The first is nylon that provides a quick dry-out. Double napped cotton in the second layer is added due to its moisture absorption quality. Water-repellant and odor-resistant fabrapel cotton fabric are used in the third layer. On Kleinert’s website, you can also find reusable sweat pads for men.

Name Kleinert’s reusable sweat pads for women
Type Reusable
Application In the inside part of clothes
Number of use /
Color White, beige And black
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5. Zero Sweat Underarm sweat pads (50 pcs)

Zero sweat underarm pads

Zero Sweat is a brand that is known for its products for excessive sweaters; their sweat pads apply to the skin. The adhesive is strong enough to keep sweat pads in the underarms the entire day, but it is easily removable with no residue left behind. Zero Sweat pads come in 50 pieces package that is enough for 25 applications.

Name Zero Sweat
Type Disposable
Application In the inside part of clothes
Number of use 25
Color White
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6. Large size underarm sweat pads (80 pcs)

Big size sweat pads

Somebody can appreciate a larger size of sweat pads that protect sweat control in a bigger area. These shields can be used only for long-sleeve clothing. 80 pieces packaging ensure even 40 days without wet marks under your pits and reliable odor protection.

Name Large size underarm sweat pads
Type Disposable
Application In the inside part of clothes
Number of use 40
Color White
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7. Canary Tail sweat pads (40 pcs)

Canary tail sweat pads

Another hygienic solution for your sweaty armpits. These sweat pads are attachable to your clothes and keep you fresh and dry the entire day. They are FDA-approved what guarantees a health harmlessness of this product. Canary Tail sweat pads are easy to use, fits both to women and men, and don’t leave persistent residues of adhesive and cotton on your shirt.

Name Canary Tail
Type Disposable
Application In the inside part of clothes
Number of use 20
Color White
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8. Dukars reusable underarm sweat pads for women

Dukars reusable armpit pads for womenOne pair of these reusable sweat pads can get you rid of sweat stains for a long time. These washable sweat pads for women are attached around the body. They offer everyday noiseless, heatless, sweat, and odor-resistant protection. These pads are suitable for every woman due to an elastic adjustable shoulder strap.

Name Dukars washable armpit pads for women
Type Reusable
Application Around the body
Number of use /
Color Skin color
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9. Latorice Underarm Sweat Pads (60 pcs)

Latorice sweat padsThese sweat shield from Latorice are ideal for heavy sweating. A strong absorbent can retain enormous amounts of sweat. Even every pad is composed of 5 layers that provide effective sweat-stain and odor protection; it is ultra-thin and non-visible under your clothes. Latorice sweat pads are fragranced by a pleasant mint fragrance suitable for men and women.

Name Latorice
Type Disposable
Application In the inside part of clothes
Number of use 30
Color White
Check Price on Amazon

10. Underarmz sweat pads (28 pcs)

Underarmz premium sweat padsEvery Underarmz sweat shield can absorb 30ml of sweat which makes them ideal for people who sweat a lot. They can be stuck directly to the inseam of the shirt or blouse. Sweat pads are packaged in individually wrapped pairs.

Name Underarmz
Type Disposable
Application In the inside part of clothes
Number of use 14
Color White
Check Price on Amazon

11. Monds’s underarm wear (10 pcs)

Mondss sweat pads

Underarm sweat pads from Mondss are attachable directly to the skin. These underarm shields can be worn with or without antiperspirant or deodorant. Hypoallergenic material makes this product ideal for people with sensitive skin. The company offers extra fast worldwide shipping.

Name Mondss
Type Disposable
Application Onto the sin
Number of use 10
Color White, brown
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Who Are Armpit Sweat Pads For?

Armpit sweat pads are an ideal solution for:

  • Everybody who sweat more underarms

People sweat differently. Perspiration depends on several factors, such as health condition, genetics, gender, age, and origin. If you experience increased perspiration in your armpits, sweat pads will absorb your sweat and minimize fast abrasion of your clothes.

  • People with hyperhidrosis

Hyperhidrosis is a medical term for excessive sweating. People with this condition sweat abnormally in some body areas. Sweating usually starts in the age of puberty and accompanies a person all his life. When perspiration affects axillae, sweat pads can effectively help. If you are not sure that you have hyperhidrosis, use SweatChecker. It is a short quiz that can help you to discover a level of sweating and recommend proper treatment. For reaching better results, you can combine over-the-counter antiperspirants or other hyperhidrosis treatment with sweat pads.

  • Those who sweat from nervousness

Many people sweat profusely in stress situations, such as speaking in front of people, important meetings, or dating. Apocrine sweat glands are responsible for this type of sweating. When you belong to these people, wear sweat pads when in these situations.

  • People living in hot climates

We sweat more in hot weather. Whether you live in a hot place or going on holiday to warm countries, take sweat pads with you. These little shields can make you feel more comfortable and make your life easier.

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  • Everyone who wants to protect their clothes 

Sweat can destroy expensive shirts and blouses very fast. Wearing sweat pads under your clothes can extend their life and save you money. This applies explicitly to business clothing and clothing for special occasions.

How to Wear Underarm Sweat Pads?

It is recommended to wear sweat pads on the shave and clean armpits because underarm hair is prone to keep skin bacteria, causing body odor. This way you can also avoid skin irritation, such as redness or itching. Each specific manufacturer also indicates how to use sweat pads correctly. Now it is only up to you which sweat pads you chose to try.

What Else to Do to Control Excessive Sweating 

Sweat-proof t-shirts and undershirtsYou can find many ways to beat excessive sweating on our web. While treatments such as over-the-counter antiperspirants, iontophoresis, or botox are successfully used to significant sweat suppressing, there are also practical ways how to reduce perspiration. In the article 9 Best Sweat-Proof T-Shirts And Undershirts in 2019 (According to Customers Reviews) you can find functional clothing with anti-sweat technologies. These are probably the best alternative for underarm sweat pads. For those who are looking for business casual sweat-proof clothing, we recommend to click here and know the best brands in this field.

We hope you like this article and feel free to leave us a comment about your experiences with underarm sweat or your question about this topic.

12 Comments on “Top 11 Underarm Sweat Pads For Men And Women”

  1. Thank you fir this giod post on underarm sweat pads. I have heard about this and I think that it is my perfect solution to having so much sweat on my pits. Sometimes it’s not from nervousness but I just sweat a whole lot. It wouldn’t be nice to have sweats like that when I am going for an interview so I think I’ll be a good idea for me. Thank you for putting this up. Cheers.

    1. Thanks, John, for your comment! Sweat pads are a very small thing so you can always take them with you and use them only in some situations.

  2. It is really embarrassing sometimes when I noticed how sweaty my armpit has reflected on my clothes when I am among people especially if it has happened to only me. Hence, I am delighted that I came across this post because I am sure that henceforth, such would not occur to me again because I will buy one of the sweat pads available here. I like the Kleinert’s underarm shields. It works well with all fabrics and that is cool with me

    1. We are glad, Mattias, that you found here something for you. Yes, Kleinert’s sweat pads are a good choice, because this brand focuses especially for inventing products for heavy sweating.

  3. The Kleinert’s underarm shields is the one I must buy on this list. I am glad I came across it on the list because a colleague suggested it to me precisely and for you to have included it here on the list, that shows its effectiveness and to me, that is thumbs up. Thank you for doing this compilation of the very best underarm sweat pads. People don’t understand how annoying or irritating it could be when the armpit gets very sweaty and soaky. Thanks

    1. Like you said Tracy, people who don’t sweat too much can’t imagine how bothering it can be. 

      Sweat pads can mechanically prevent sweat to reach the upper part of your clothes so won’t have a problem with wet maps under your arms anymore. Almost all of these products are designed for mild or middle sweat level. When someone suffers from severe underarm sweating, he/she should try some treatment, for example:


      – Iontophoresis


      – MiraDry

      On our web, you can find all the information about these options.

  4. Sweat underarms?  I never heard of that!  That’s interesting one.   Every details are good.  I know nothing about sweating underarms.   I wonder if any pads for underarm can help solving the problem,  they would love to try those.   Why don’t they get one sample to see if it works?  I hope that your site gets everything under control successfully.  

  5. I am a factory worker, I engage in heavy duty Jobs this makes me sweat profusely. Even though I use deodorant, most times I feel ashamed to raise my hands up while inside the bus because of the smell that will ooze out from my armpit. I never knew that that was such a thing called Sweat Pad. Thank you so much for this I am getting one right away. Could you help me with the link to where I can make a purchase?

    1. Thanks for your comment, Emmanuel!

      Links to the sweat pads are in the article at the end of every table: Check Price on Amazon.

      Deodorants are designed for a fight against body odor but they don’t prevent sweating. Over-the-counter antiperspirants can do this job better and limit your underarm sweating. Here you can find clinical strong available antiperspirants for heavy sweating. 

  6. Hi, 

    I didn’t realise how many different options there was for armpit sweat. I struggle as I have to wear a suit to work and it can get unbearable. I naturally sweat quite a lot so something like this would really help. 

    I’m not a fan of shaving my armpits completely so would probably go with the ones that attach to your clothes.

    Thanks for the review on these products


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